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Photos and articles of travel and sailing experience are published on this Website, but we would like to emphasize that Vaivela.it is not a travel agency or commercial tourism promotion company, but simply a blog of skipper and owner Christian, a teacher profession, with twenty years of experience in both commercial and sport boating, who narrates and occasionally offers chartering of his own private boat, organizing cruises aboard his sailboat, called Isabel.

Cruises aboard Isabel are regulated with Occasional Chartering, which is the chartering of private individuals, referred to by Italian law under Article 49-bis, paragraph 3, Legislative Decree 171/2005.

In the chartering of Isabel, even if occasional, great experience, commitment and attention will be guaranteed, however, the basic rules of safety of the boat and the organizational seriousness of the skipper’s cruises will never be neglected in his function as skipper, who is provided with not only a license without limits from the coast, but also a professional title of pleasure boat conductor, Diploma of Federal Sailing Instructor FIV and Sailing Expert of the Navy.

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