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Vulcano Islands

Vulcano is a different island from its other sisters, for some also very interesting, characterized mainly by the presence of the large crater not far from the small town and especially by an original atmosphere related to the smells, colors and purely volcanic phenomena.

Unlike the other islands strolling around Vulcano, in some areas, you feel under your feet the earth breathing, the cobblestones of the boiling road, which at times continuously emits sulfur vapor, as if it were the great breath of the planet.

Separated from neighboring Lipari by a small channel, the island is the closest to Sicily, rich in nature and vegetation.

From the sea, the most interesting places are the west bay, where we moor in southerly winds, with its long black beaches and breathtaking sunsets, Gelso and Asino bays, southeast of the island.

The eastern bay remains interesting, however, both for the safe moorings with northwesterly winds, but also for the characteristic presence of the usable hot water fumaroles a few inches along the beach’s shoreline.

Another interesting activity to do on land is the ascent to the volcano, an unforgettable experience that provides a breathtaking view of the Aeolian islands at high altitude. The summit is reached in about an hour and a half of walking, at times for those not used to walking in the mountains it can be a bit tiring, but everyone manages to climb without major problems.

Once you get to the top, in addition to the wonderful view, on the mouth of the volcano you can admire the peculiar phenomenon of gaseous emissions, clearly visible even from the sea with which you can almost feel the sensation of being on another planet.

The gases are released from the rocks producing the typical smell of rotten eggs, since they are sulfur gases. The rocks near the emissions also feel warm to the touch.

The island is very different from the others but worth a visit, moreover in cases when the weather is not clement Vulcano is an excellent alternative stop over, for the natural ridges, where we often organize excursions, barbecues both on the beach and in the grove of the small marina in the east, and to those who are interested in social life the island remains alive, between clubs and discos.

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