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Stromboli Islands

The island of Stromboli is world famous for its active volcano, called by locals “Iddu” or He.

The village, along with its hamlets, rises clinging to the volcano itself, and its inhabitants for centuries have learned to live with its daily rumbling.

Arriving at Stromboli for us from the boat is always a thrill, being faced with such a large natural presence, we are immediately hit by the smells of the Mediterranean scrub and sometimes even the characteristic odor of the volcano itself.

On the island there are no harbors or true ridges, the main roadstead is in front of the village, and being exposed to southerly winds it is possible to moor only in good weather or a light mistral.


We usually arrive in the afternoon so that those who want to go up the crater with the guide can join the trekking groups that form ashore.


After a swim in the roadstead we arrange to go down to the island with the tender to do some sightseeing and often stay afterwards in the piazzetta for a long aperitif at Ingrid’s, a typical place with a breathtaking view, to enjoy the best mojito in the Aeolian Islands, often this is an opportunity to socialize with other crews.


The evening will end with a walk along the alleys of the village and possibly participate in the night excursion with local boats, to admire the explosions from the sea.


The next morning after a dip and a good breakfast we will set off for a tour of the island, we will pass to admire the islet of Strombolicchio and the Sciara del fuoco.


At the tempine of the tour, leaving the small village of Ginostra, a small hamlet isolated from the main town to the west of the island, waiting for the daily breeze, we will set sail for the next island.

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