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Salina Islands

The island of Salina, also called “The Twins” because of the two large volcanic cones that resemble two humps, is the second largest island among the Aeolian Islands.

It is a quiet island characterized by several micro villages, positioned in the various cardinal points such as Rinella to the west, with a particular small port, characterized by caves from the tuff stone, Lingua , to the southwest, so called from a long tongue of pebble beach where on the extreme tip stands a typical lighthouse, currently in operation, also in Lingua lies for centuries a small lake of seawater, from where once salt was extracted, with the method of salt pans, in fact the name of the island is precisely Salina.

For us, however, Lingua is the symbol of granita and “Pane Cunsatu” , which in Sicilian dialect means seasoned bread, every week we do not neglect our appointment with dinner at “Alfredo’s” to taste the famous Pane Cunsatu, another opportunity to socialize with all the other crews.

The main town on the island is Santa Marina, where there is also a nice marina, which while maintaining the ancient forms and characteristics is a modern port with good nautical services although a bit expensive.

In the evening on the island, in addition to the typical dishes in the restaurants or trattorias, along the commercial port and the square of Santa Marina there are a couple of clubs where you can have a drink and in high season there is also the possibility of dancing to good music.

The next morning we head to the northwest of the island, if it is not beaten by the mistral, to get to know the most beautiful bay of Salina, in the locality of Pollara which also became famous thanks to the movie “Il postino” with Massimo Troisi and Cucinotta.

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