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Aeolian Islands Sailing Boat Holidays


Day 1 – Embarkation at Lipari !


On the first day the meeting is directly at the dock, where we will immediately have a briefing with all the guests, possibly enjoying a good granita or a cool drink, we will get to know each other better and each of you will set out your needs, so that we can give the skipper a chance to better organize the cruise.

We will also talk about the planned itinerary and the galley, which is the food to be purchased throughout the cruise.

In the evening, after getting to know the boat, the safety features and settling into your cabin, we will all go to dinner at a nearby typical trattoria and then, for those who wish, can continue the evening around the clubs.


Day 2 – Lipari and Panarea

The following morning, after breakfast, we will cast off our moorings and head for the nearby bay of “Sabbie Bianche,” for the first wonderful Aeolian swim, in the azure bay of Lipari’s Pumice Quarries.

Afterwards we will set anchor for a fine sail to Panarea. After a couple of hours of quiet sailing we will head for Cala Junco, for a cool swim in the azure waters of this ancient west-facing bay.

At the end of the day we will move to Baia Zimmari, a large and quiet bay where we will spend the night in safety. At sunset with the tender we will go ashore for a fascinating aperitif in Panarea’s hottest clubs.

Afterwards we will have dinner on board.

DAY 3 – Panarea e Stromboli

In the morning, after breakfast, we will set sail to discover the small archipelago of Panarea, we will pass near Dattilo, go to observe the fumaroles of Lisca bianca, and after swimming in the clear waters of Basiluzzo we will sail to the island of Stromboli.

While sailing we will try some trolling, hoping to catch some nice tuna. Once we get to Stromboli and find a good mooring at anchor we will prepare for the evening ashore.

Usually, together with the other friendly boats as well, we organize an aperitif-dinner in the charming terrace at “Ingrid Bar,” with a breathtaking view, great cocktails, delicious pizza and fried fish.

In the second evening if the volcano agrees, with local boats we can go to see the night explosions of the active volcano.

Day 4 – Stromboli 

In the morning we will set off for the island tour passing the islet of Strombolicchio, observe the volcano’s explosions, at a safe distance from the sciara del fuoco, pass Ginostra and then continue along the planned route, the island of Salina.

On this route the miles to be covered will be more than usual, and halfway there we will stop for a refreshing swim and lunch, on the northwest side of Panarea, located along our route, in the bay of “Scoglio della nave,” a charming bay dominated by very high cliffs overlooking the sea.

In the early afternoon we will hoist the sails for a new sail to the island of Salina.

After a couple of hours of sailing we will give anchor in the roadstead near the small port of Santa Marina di Salina, so as to have easy access with the tender for a visit to the characteristic alleys of the village, the typical small stores and maybe enjoy a good aperitif, waiting for the time to go to dinner at “Alfredo’s” in the hamlet of Lingua, to taste first the legendary “Pane Cunsato” and after the very good and famous granitas of real fruit.

DAY 5 – Salina – Filicudi

In the morning, after a quick tour ashore, to enrich the galley with some fresh provisions, while the skipper replenishes the boat with fresh water, we will set off for a tour of the island, passing through Rinella at a time of the bay of Pollara, northwest of the island, which also became famous for the film ” Il Postino.”

After having lunch on board, taking advantage of the afternoon breezes we will sail in the direction of Filicudi, with a gentle sailing with a lag gait, after a couple of hours we will be able to dive on the clear waters of the pristine bay of the “Punte di Capo Graziano”, and then move in the late afternoon and end the day in the small fishing village of “Pecorini a Mare”.

Usually sunset is the time when Antonio’s little “Il Saloon” bar is populated with islanders and tourists, the atmosphere is very casual and informal. Without our realizing it, we are easily impressed by the simplicity of the place, the friendliness of the islanders, and at that point we decide to complete the evening, drinking the good local wine and enjoying the typical dishes of Mrs. Rosa, who, from the nearby deli, sets up a stall of incredible and traditional Sicilian dishes, winning over anyone who lands on that small pier.

DAY 6 – Filicudi e Vulcano

In the morning, after breakfast we will set off on a tour of the island, heading for the famous ” La Canna,” a stacks located in the middle of the sea, where we can usually moor in the vicinity of a small islet nearby, where the sea is incredibly clear and crystal-clear.

We will have lunch on board, and in the afternoon we will continue around the island, passing in the vicinity of Filicudi Porto Bay, and then set sail on the route to the island of Vulcano.

The sailing will take about three hours depending on sea and wind conditions, and upon arrival based always on the weather we will decide whether to moor in the east or west. If we moor in the west bay we are lucky because we will have a beautiful bay protected from the southerly winds with a breathtaking sunset.

It is very nice to have an aperitif right on the black beach in the very organized kiosk “Baia Nigra,” where there is a chance to relax on the seashore or let the rhythm of the deejay pull you along with a great cocktail. The evening will continue on the island or back on board for dinner.

DAY 7 – Vulcano e Lipari

after breakfast, we will decide together whether to visit the volcano, up to the crater, the climb takes about 40 minutes and the experience is truly unique, among breathtaking views in a truly unique location.

Upon returning from the excursion we will set anchor for a day at sea for a tour of the most beautiful bays of Vulcano and nearby Lipari, we will have lunch in “Valle Muria” of Lipari or in the bay near ” la Grotta del Cavallo” of Vulcano.

In the second afternoon, we will slowly approach the town of Lipari and go to moor in the departure port.

At the end of the day you will take advantage of a tour of the village, buy the last souvenirs and in the evening we will go to dinner in a typical little restaurant to enjoy the most sought-after dishes of Aeolian cuisine, and for those who want to have a social life there will be spoiled for choice, in the little clubs in the center of Lipari with live music and lots of merriment.

Overnight stay on board and the next morning disembarkation will take place no later than 9.00 am.

NB: This is a program for an ideal week-long cruise with favorable weather conditions, given the geography of the archipelago and above all to always maintain a large margin of safety while sailing, the program may be subject to change even a few hours earlier, either due to adverse weather conditions or other important logistical reasons and the final decision is always at the discretion of the captain.

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