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Lipari Islands

Lipari is the island located in the center of the Aeolian archipelago and is also the main island where our boat chose to be based. The town of Lipari, which took its name from the island, is very characteristic full of pretty alleys perpendicular to the long main street, where most of the tourist receptive activities such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs take place.

Touristically, Lipari, is an appreciable destination for various aspects, not neglecting the historical and archaeological, in fact the history of the Aeolian islands has its epicenter in the island of Lipari.

There are numerous artifacts that are evidence of more than 5,000 years of civilization throughout the archipelago and the island itself, and not infrequently walking around one comes across archaeological settlements that can be visited. Lipari is a bit chaotic but offers a good starting and ending point for our sailing cruises.

From the sea we would like to point out the bay of the pumice quarries, a sheet of water as blue as the water on Caribbean beaches, actually caused by the color of the pumice after years and years of processing by a quarry that has now been closed for a long time, however it remains a very characteristic place to visit and have a nice swim.

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