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Filicudi Islands

Once called ‘Phoenicusa,’ rich in ferns; to this day a large area of the island is still covered by this type of vegetation.
Filicudi covers just under 10 square kilometers and is 9 km from Alicudi and about 35 km from Lipari. In our program we are scheduled to arrive in the early afternoon, we will give still to the Punte di capo Graziano for a relaxing swim, among the crystal clear waters of the bay. Before sunset we will move to the mooring of Pecorini a mare, an ancient seafaring village, now a meeting place for a magical aperitif among simple locals and tourists who love the magic of small islands.

This island is ideal for vacations immersed in nature and silence, being far from the traffic and noise of the larger islands.

The main settlements are Porto, Pecorini, Rocca di Ciauli, Canale, Portella, Valdichiesa, Liscio, Serro, Fossetta, and Stimpagnato connected by a driveway and a dense network of footpaths.

Remains of prehistoric settlements dating back to the Bronze Age and later settlements for probable defense needs have been found on the promontory of Capo Graziano.

The following morning our program will take us around the island, heading for Canna, a stacks unique in its shape and constitution, where we will moor for half a day on a shoal with an incredibly transparent and clean sea.

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